Draught Dodger Beer – 4 Pack


This isn’t just any beer; it’s a full-flavored journey into the art of tasteful rebellion, wrapped in a label that pays homage to the iconic Australian military ration pack. With its design cues taken straight from the storied packaging that has fuelled soldiers in the field, Draught Dodger carries the essence of resilience, resourcefulness, and the rugged humour that defines the Aussie spirit.

But what truly sets this brew apart, aside from its rich, uncomplicated taste, is its playful nod to the cunning individuals who’ve historically navigated the complexities of duty with a wink and a smile.

So, as you peel back the label inspired by the very essence of Aussie ingenuity and the spirit of those who’ve served (or skilfully sidestepped serving), you’re not just opening a can of beer. You’re uncovering a story—a tribute to the light-hearted defiance and the joy in the journey. Draught Dodger is more than a beverage; it’s an experience, crafted for those who appreciate a beer that brings history, humour, and a hint of rebellion into every sip.

Here’s to the dodgers, the dreamers, and the drinkers—may your glass be as full of character as our latest creation.

Cheers to dodging the ordinary and savouring the extraordinary, one draught at a time.