ZERO79 Foundation

Wet Canteen Bottling Company is immensely proud to be in partnership with the ZERO79 Foundation, a collaboration symbolizing a shared commitment to supporting the members of the Australian commando community and their families.

To show our support for the ZERO79 Foundation, we have released this ZERO79 Single Malt Vodka.

$10 from every sale of the ZERO79 Single Malt Vodka will go directly to the ZERO79 Foundation.

ZERO79 Vodka

For the release of the ZERO79 Single Malt Vodka, we are continuing our partnership with Chief’s Son Distillery. Chief’s Son Distillery have crafted a triple distilled spirit made from malted barley.

This vodka is quite unique and with a a deep tantalising vanilla explodes through your palate upon first sip, with hints of banana lollies, pears and malt. It is the perfect sipping vodka for all occasions.

If you don’t like it neat, mix it with cloudy pear and soda!

ZERO79 Foundation

The Zero79 Foundation holds the distinct honour of being the sole organisation in the country dedicated exclusively to providing support for current and former serving Commandos and their families. With profound connections within the commando community, we actively utilise these ties to maintain our relevance and agility in addressing the unique needs of our beneficiaries. The Foundation stands as a steadfast pillar, committed to providing unwavering support to commandos and their families.

The Zero79 Foundation is a volunteer-driven organisation dedicated to supporting current and former 079 operators of the 2nd Commando Regiment. Our mission extends beyond the individual commando to encompass their families, collaborating with defence-based networks and promoting Australian commando businesses worldwide.

Our Focus

We are the sole organisation in Australia committed to supporting commandos and their families.

Building Bonds

Through our social connect and cohesion programs, we foster a strong sense of community