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My original army boozer was the 2/14 Light Horse Regiment (Queensland Mounted Infantry), 41 Club, which in my day, was located up the top of the hill by the lake at Enogerra. Being an Other Ranks club meant that soldiers were generally away from the prying eyes of the bosses , except on a Thursday afternoon during ‘Sportos’ parade. This was always a great opportunity for a less-formal recognition parade but meant that those who were ‘recognised’ would have to pay their fines for promotion on the spot. I recall being promoted and given a Commanding Officer's award in the same day and copping double the fines (cartons) that were gladly accepted by my fellow diggers leaving me with one stubby from each.


My first Boozer was the Gunners Club at 1 Regiment in 7 Brigade Brisbane. I was on the committee as entertainments. On regular occasions we made so much money we would put the cash in an envelope and tape it inside the safe, underneath the drawer to hide it from the Duty Officers count at the end of the night. The Commanding Officer and Regimental Sergeant Major (who’ll remain nameless) couldn’t work out how we could afford sound system(s), sponsor AFL and Rugby teams, a new outdoor area, signage, a walk-in cool room and distributors asking for me and the Committee at the guardroom constantly. Good times!


Back in the day, 1FD Squadron Robertson Barracks had purchased a fair dinkum boxing ring for reasons unknown. As Sappers do, we wanted a piece of the action so a fight night was planned. Friend versus friend and a few quarrels to settle the stage was set to take place inside the boozer at 1CER. The eight bouts unfolded in front of a very loud and very keen crowd dressed in their freshly pressed polyesters and a referee from a certified background in the field. No fight night would be right without the card girls so the crowd could be updated on what round was about to take place!  As it would be, myself and the other lock from the engineer rugby side 'Barto' were the main heavy weight card. Unfortunately, it wasn't my title for the taking, losing on a points-based decision. The best night in a Boozer I have been a part of.


On my first day in the unit, the bus pulls up outside regimental HQ. It was a Thursday and as I get off the bus, I get asked if I play AFL. I say yes, and the response was "f**k meeting the Commanding Officer, we are playing 5/7 today." 

We won and on my very first day, I was exposed to what was known as the Kelly Club. The Kelly Club was a place filled with "collectables" such as a Ronald McDonald sitting on a park bench statue, and mementos from other units - one being an acquired piano that we would all stand around and sing Great Balls of Fire. Nick Bradshaw was a gun on the keys.