Our Story

Wet Canteen Bottling Company is made up of four partners with a collective 70+ years of Australian service with law enforcement, national security and defence.

We have served both domestically and internationally as members of the Australian Army or as Federal Agents in Cambodia, Ukraine, Solomon Islands, Timor Leste and South Sudan. We have also served within specialist units that have seen us travel the world.  From our experiences we have learnt not to take life too seriously and understand the importance of mateship and a “debriefing” session. From these sessions is where our passion of whisky grew.  

Long term passion in flavours, countries of origin and distilling process.  Partners have experience in visiting distilleries all over the world and tasting what the world had to offer. Whisky is constantly changing and we enjoy visiting distillers learning their processes and expanding our knowledge. 

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Our logo is inspired by The Pub wet canteen used by the 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment in Nuit Dat during the Vietnam war.