Wet canteen services have been a part of Australian military traditions for over 100 years. A leading component of these canteen services was a ration of alcohol that was issued to soldiers, sailors and aviators at the wet parade each evening.

Wet Canteen Bottling Company is an Australian-owned and operated brand, partnering with quality Australian single malt whisky distilleries offering whisky with the unique option of customised labels

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Commemorative custom labels

Traditionally, military units would use port as their unit memento “regimental port bottles”. We’ve taken this concept and applied it to a quality contemporary spirit and are offering whisky with custom labelled bottles.

The concept behind the custom labels is for our customers to use the whisky to commemorate and celebrate special moments in time or as a unique gift of significance.

Order your custom label with Wet Canteen Bottling Company for:

  • Regimental birthdays
  • A sporting grand final win
  • House branded whisky for hospitality businesses
  • Graduation
  • Anniversaries
  • Foundations
  • Investitures
  • Remember fallen diggers/mates

Our Story

Wet Canteen Bottling Company is an Australian owned and operated brand selling quality single malt whisky with customised labels. 

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Picquet Series

The Wet Canteen is not an exclusive club, you don’t have to be a part of a large order to be able to try an amazing Australian whisky from our award winning distilling partners. 

The picquet series gives you the opportunity to buy a bottle (or five) of whisky that will still be a talking point when you bring it out.

Each release of the piquet series will be a limited run and will have a theme that is associated with service life.