Troy Knight is a former Combat Controller of the Royal Australian Air Force. The Combat Controllers are known as the Special Forces unit of the Air Force, with Troy deploying alongside members of the Special Operations Task Group in combat in the Middle East. The Royal Australian Air Force veteran was deployed multiple times to Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as done private security work.

Cleared Hot!

HAVOCZERO6 (Troy) has already published a novel, has a range of coffee, T-shirts and hot sauces. Now, he has partnered with Wet Canteen Bottling Company to release the CLEARED HOT range of spirits.


Classic Mexican inspired Agave Spirit produced from high-quality Agave Nectar and double distilled at the award-winning Echuca Distillery. Smoked Agave Spirit is our unaged, freshly distilled spirit, infused with a balanced blend of Mesquite, Hickory, and Applewood smoke.

Drink straight, on the rocks, or in your bespoke cocktail.

40% ABV $120 incl GST


In collaboration with an award-winning Victorian Distillery, this hand-selected Australian single malt whisky, with base and specialty Australian malts (which includes a small amount of peated malt) has been matured for 3 years in second-fill French oak, ex-Apera/Sherry barrels.

The whisky has rich florals and peach notes with sweet creamy malts, notes of honey and vanilla with a long soft peat in a beautiful light golden colour.

43% ABV $140 incl GST